Red River and Ko-Ko-Ci Chapter Meetings This Week

Red River (Magnolia) December Meeting:

It’s time, once again, for our annual winter potluck and December meeting! Everyone is invited to bring a dish of their choice and come listen to Gillian Steeno’s (the AAS-ARAS Liaison) talk, “Can You Dig It?: Getting Involved with the Arkansas Archeological Society.” The potluck will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 12th, at 6pm, and be in the Magnolia Room at the Reynolds Center on SAU’s campus. Gillian’s talk will begin immediately after at 7pm!
As always, this talk (and potluck) are open to the public! So anyone is welcome to attend, even if they’re not (yet) members of the Arkansas Archeological Society.

Ko-Ko-Ci (Fayetteville) December Meeting:

7pm, Washington County Extension Office- Dr. Hermes, UA-Fayetteville Department of Anthropology, will be speaking with us about Emergence and Evolution of Pastoralism in Central Asia. Pastoralism is at the subsistence core of ancient and contemporary communities in Central Asia, ranging from the northern Caucasus to Mongolia. When and how this food production strategy first appeared, spread throughout the region, and evolved remains poorly understood. In this talk, Dr. Hermes will discuss his research on key processes concerning Central Asian pastoralism with a diverse research program that incorporates archaeological excavation of pastoralist sites, stable isotope analysis, livestock paleogenomics, and analysis of ancient proteins in human dental calculus to assess milk consumption. Facebook event page: