Field Notes is the Society newsletter, which includes short articles, information on current research, announcements of current events and activities, book reviews, notices of meetings, and news on other Society programs and projects. It is published six times a year.

Information for Contributors:
Electronic submissions are preferred. Please send articles to Field Notes in Word. Minimal formatting should be applied to the text. Use of bold and italic is all right. Use a common, boring font like Times New Roman. Send any illustrations that will accompany the article as separate files, do NOT embed them in the Word document. Preferred graphic formats are tiff or jpg but pdf
will also often be acceptable. All illustrations (photos, maps, line art, and any other type of graphic) should be produced at 300 dpi, and graphic files submitted for publication should be sized NO SMALLER than 300 dpi resolution with a physical size (that is, image dimensions in inches) at least 4×6 inches. If you know the image should be reproduced at full page in order to be readable, make sure it is sized NO SMALLER than 300 dpi resolution and 8×10 inches physical dimension. Tables can be sent as separate Excel files (preferred for large tables) or typed into the Word document. Please DO NOT embed illustrations into the Word docx or any other application, and DO NOT send your article as a pdf. If for some reason you cannot meet these standards, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you find another way to submit your material. Thank you!
Julia Fan, Editor (

To submit articles or news to Field Notes, email the Newsletter Editor:

Julia Fan

Field Notes Editor
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