This bibliography was originally compiled by Deborah Sabo in 2006. This update, although overdue, is done for a poster authored by Taylor Greene, Station Assistant ARAS-SAU and Gillian Steeno, ARAS-AAS Liaison, at the First Conference for Public Archeology in Pensacola, Florida. In 2006, Deborah Sabo was following several rules of thumb that we have adopted here as well, with a minor expansion. In 2006, this list included published sources that contain some substantive information about the Training Program (TP) site in question, and that any information that simply references the sites (or earlier publications) without reporting on data recovered in the course of a TP are not included. We have elected to expand the list to include conference posters and papers presented after 2006 that explicitly discuss data from these excavations. Some sources in Field Notes and from various conferences have not been included as they acted as introductions to new TP sites rather than as reports of findings from the TP. We have not edited Deborah Sabo’s list as it was compiled in 2006, other than for formatting as per the June 2021 Society for American Archaeology Style Guide and to add citations where relevant. We have updated this to include anything published after 2006. To the best of our ability to ensure it, these sources should all directly discuss details about training programs.

Deborah Sabo acknowledges former State Archeologists Hester Davis, Ann Early, and the Station Archeologists working for the Survey in 2006 for checking this list for omissions and errors. She also acknowledges Lela Donat, Marian Kunetka, and Randy Guendling for their help in compiling the list.

We would like to acknowledge the current Station Archeologists for their help in compiling this list and recommendations for items to include on this list, and the corrections they offered to help make this list as complete as possible.

Location map of AASTP sites with, ARAS Station Regions. Created by Taylor Greene (updated 04/2024).

  • 1960

    Arkansas Archeological Society Founded

  • 1964

    First Training Program in Archeology Held at Shipp’s Ferry


  • 1967

    Arkansas Archeological Survey Founded

  • 2024

    60th Year of the Training Program in Archeology Held at Nakuukuwidish