Purpose: The Public Education Fund was endowed by Society member Bill Jordan. The Fund can be used for any educational project that furthers public understanding of archeology in Arkansas. Examples of educational projects include exhibit and poster creation, replica tool kits, and video or software materials.

How much money is available? The amount available for grants fluctuates yearly based on the income generated by the Society’s investments. Recently grant amounts have been $1000–$3000 per year.

Grant Requirements: Any member of the Society can apply for a Bill Jordan Public Education Fund Grant. The grant request must include: (1) statement of educational goal(s) of the project; (2) target audience; (3) detailed explanation of project plan and breakdown of how Public Education Fund money will be used; (4) timetable for completion of the project; and (5) disposition and future availability of any educational materials remaining from the grant project.

Submission Timetable: Grant requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Proposals are evaluated by voting members of the Executive Committee at their regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. The grant review process may take up to three months.

How to Apply: Applications should be submitted to Gillian Steeno, Arkansas Archeological Society, 2475 N. Hatch Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72704

If more information about the application process or the grant itself is required, please contact Gillian Steeno at gmsteeno@uark.edu, aasociety@arkarch.org, or 479-575-3557.


Past Recipients: 

2022- Matthew Rooney (ARAS-UAM): Quapaw Pottery Exhibit, with Betty Gaedtke, to be housed in the Fred J. Taylor Library and Technology Center at the University of Arkansas – Monticello 

2021- Michelle Rathgaber (ARAS-CO), Judy Costello (Shiloh Museum), and Kimberly Hosey (Shiloh) 

2020- Mel Zabecki (ARAS-CO): Raw Materials Program for Each Archeological Research Station- Each ARAS research station received a raw materials box to use during events with students 

2016- Emily Beahm (ARAS-WRI), Jodi Barnes (ARAS-UAM), and Elizabeth Horton (ARAS-PBMRS): Gathering, Gardening, and Agriculture: Curriculum and Teacher Workshops on Plant-Based Foodways in the Southeastern United States