Hester Davis Training Program Scholarship

Hester A. Davis (1930–2014) was an American archeologist, and as Arkansas’s first State Archeologist, she was instrumental in creating national public policy and conservancy standards for cultural preservation as well as developing professional and ethical standards for archeologists. She was the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including two distinguished service awards and induction into the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame. Two scholarships are offered in her memory: one to attend the Summer Training Program and one to attend the Society’s Fall Annual Meeting.

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The Arkansas Archeological Society offers two small grant opportunities.

Archeological Research Fund (ARF)

The Archeological Research Fund (ARF) provides money not available from other sources for archeological projects in Arkansas. Support from the Research Fund can help with different aspects of archeological research, such as radiocarbon analysis of charred material for dating or identification of small seeds or bones by specialists. The deadline for submissions to the ARF committee is August 30, 2024. Please send submissions to Jessica Cogburn at jessica.cogburn@arkansas.gov.

Bill Jordan Public Education Fund

William K. “Bill” Jordan II (1941-2005) joined the Society in 1977 and was a faithful attendee of the Summer Training Program. Bill would pack his van and travel from Illinois each summer for two weeks to be with friends he had made in Arkansas. He is fondly remembered for his handle-bar mustache, famous stew at the mid-dig potluck supper, and being the undisputed camp champion for beer consumption. Bill had many interests and traveled the world taking nature photos including locations in Asia, Africa, Central America, and Australia. Ultimately, Bill moved to Ashdown, which allowed him to spend more time volunteering for field work in the Ouachita National Forest. Upon his death, Bill bequeathed to the Society $50,000. The Bill Jordan Memorial Fund (later renamed the Bill Jordan Public Education Fund) was established in his honor.

Bill keeps records