The Arkansas Archeologist, Bulletin of the AAS


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Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 consists of ten numbers per year with approximately 200 pages per volume. Volume 5 consists of nine numbers.  The tenth was never produced.  Included are site reports, excavation reports, instruction, methods, newsletter items, and other interesting and nostalgic information.

Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 consist of ten numbers per year with approximately 200 pages per volume. Volume 5 consists of nine numbers.  The tenth was never produced.  Included are site reports, excavation reports, instruction, methods, newsletter items, and other interesting and nostalgic information.

Volume 1 1960 (photocopied)   $30.00              (pdf)     $5.00

Volume 2 1961 (photocopied)   $30.00              (pdf)     $5.00

Volume 3 1962 (photocopied)   $30.00              (pdf)     $5.00

Volume 4 1963 (photocopied)   $30.00              (pdf)     $5.00

Volume 5 1964 (photocopied)   $30.00              (pdf)     $5.00

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Volume 6, No.1, 1965 (20 pages)                                               (photocopied)   $4.00                (pdf)     $ 5.00

A House Pattern from the Dupree Site; by John Moselage

The Dupree Site in Retrospect; by C.R. McGimsey III

Archeological Application of Aerial Photography; by Jack E. Porter

Bluff-top Indian Site; by John House

A Survey of the DeGray Reservoir Area; by C.R. McGimsey III and Hester A. Davis

New Radiocarbon Dates for Southwest Arkansas

Volume 6, Nos.2-3, 1965 (40 pages)                                          (photocopied)   $7.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Test Excavations at the J.R. Marrett Site 23DU12, Southwest Missouri;

By Richard A. Marshall

Faunal Remains from Bluff Shelters in Northwest Arkansas; by Charles E. Cleland

Volume 6, No.4, 1965 (20 pages)                                                                       $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

The Holman Creek Site, 3MA28; by Royal Mapes

A Burial on White River; by Virginia Shiras

What IS a Radiocarbon Date?; by C.R. McGimsey III

Volume 7, Nos.1-2, 1966 (40 pages)                                          (photocopied)   $7.00                (pdf)     $5.00

An Introduction to Parkin Prehistory; by Hester A. Davis

Volume 7, No.3, 1966 (20 pages)                                                                       $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Westward Ho! In 3WH4; by Charles A. Figley

The Hardin Point: An Interim Analysis Report; by Alden Redfield

Volume 7, No.4, 1966 (20 pages)                                                                       $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Excavations in Prall Shelter (3BE197) in Beaver Reservoir,

            Northwest Arkansas; by Ronald A. Thomas and Hester A. Davis

Volume 8, No.1, 1967 (20 pages)                                               (photocopied)   $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Paleo-Indian in Arkansas; by Hester A. Davis

Ceramic Pipe Chronology along the Red River Drainage in Southwestern Arkansas; by Michael P. Hoffman

Reunited; by Hester A. Davis

How About Those Strainers?; by Hester A. Davis

Volume 8, Nos.2-3, 1967 (36 pages)                                                                  $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

The Gant Site (3MS11), Mississippi County, Arkansas; by E. Wyllys Andrews V

Volume 8, No.4, 1967 (24 pages)                                                                       $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Evidences of the Marksville and Coles Creek Complexes at the Kirkham Place, Clark County, Arkansas; by S. D. Dickinson, and Harold J. Lemley (Reprint of Bulletin of the Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society,

Volume 11,1939.)

Volume 9, Nos.1-2, 1968 (36 pages)                                                                  $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Archeological Sites and Land Leveling in Eastern Arkansas; by James A. Scholtz

The Dumond Site (3AR40); by James A. Scholtz

Modern Land Use Practices and the Archeology of the Lower Mississippi

River Valley; by C.R. McGimsey III and Hester A. Davis

Volume 9, Nos.3-4, 1968 (40 pages)                                                                  $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Mapping a Mississippian Community near Marked Tree; by Dan F. Morse

The Soc Site (3WH34); by Charles A. Figley

Possible Evidence of Digging Stick Handles in the Eastern United States; by Dan F. Morse

Man and Mollusks, A Story of Seashells in Archeology; by George G. Major

Culture and Climatically Related Subsistence Factors in Baxter County Archeology; by John House

Volume 10, Nos.1, 2 and 3, 1969 (60 pages),                             (photocopied)   $8.50                (pdf)     $5.00


A Brief History of Archeological Work in Arkansas up to 1967; by Hester A. Davis

The Role of the Amateur in Arkansas Archeology; by Charles A. Figley

Introducing Northeast Arkansas Archeology; by Dan F. Morse

Culture History of Southeast Arkansas; by Burney B. McClurkan

Prehistoric Developments in Southwestern Arkansas; by Michael P. Hoffman

A Summary of Prehistory in Northwest Arkansas; by James A. Scholtz

Volume 10, No.4, 1969 (20 pages)                                             (photocopied)  $4.00                (pdf)     $5.00

The Shipps Ferry Site; by Bert and Louise Shoemaker (a reprint)

The “Non-Nosed” God Mask; by Hester A. Davis (a reprint)

The Shipps Ferry Site, 3BA7, Baxter County, Arkansas; by John H. House, Peter Shiras, and Howard M. Knight

Volume 11, No.1, 1970 (20 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Investigation of the Cemetery at the Gee’s Landing Site, 3DR17; by Patsy White

Volume 11, No.2, 1970 (24 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

The Lace Place, A Dalton Project Site in the Western Lowland

In Eastern Arkansas; by Alden Redfield and John H. Moselage

Volume 11, Nos.3-4, 1970 (40 pages)                                                                $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Preliminary Notes on a Recent Mastodon and Tapir Find in Northeastern

Arkansas; by Dan F. Morse

Excavations at Calf Creek; by Don R. Dickson

Volume 12, No.1, 1971 (20 pages)                                             (photocopied)   $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Two Recent Microblade Core Discoveries in Mississippi County, Arkansas;

by Dan F. Morse

The Hawkins Cache: A Significant Dalton Find in Northeast Arkansas;

by Dan F. Morse

Volume 12, No.2, 1971 (20 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Falling Water Falls Site: by Thelma Lee Gregoire

Another Zoomorphic Locust Stone Bead from Lafayette County, Arkansas; by Clarence H. Webb

Volume 12, No.3, 1971 (20 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Skeletal Analysis of Three Bluff Shelter Burials; by H. Eugene Hickman, Jr.

Reconstruction of an Arkansas Hopewellian Panpipe; by Gloria A. Young

The Ashley Point; by Martha A. Rolingson

Apologies, Hypotheses, and Grooved Rocks; by J. Cynthia Weber

An Historic Indian Grave near Blytheville, Arkansas; by Dan F. Morse

Volume 12, No.4, 1971 (20 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Lakeport: Initial Exploration of a Late Prehistoric Ceremonial Center in

Southeastern Arkansas; by Martha A. Rolingson

Volume 13, No.1-2, 1972 (40 pages)                                          (photocopied)  $7.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Preliminary Report on the 1972 Excavations at the Ferguson Site (3HE63); by Frank Schambach

Certification for Amateurs; by Charles R. McGimsey III

So What Else Went On?; by Hester A. Davis

The Arkansas Training Program in Archeology

Volume 13, No.3-4, 1972 (40 pages)                                                                  $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

The Cryer Manifestation: Definition and Tentative Placement in the

Caddoan Sequence; by Robert A. Taylor

A Pot Full of Beads; by Dan F. Morse

A String of Shell Beads; by Michael J. Pecotte

Volume 14, No.1, 1973 (20 pages)                                                                     $5.00                (pdf)     $5.00

A Catlinite Disk Pipe and Associated Vessels from Lowland Eastern Arkansas; by Fletcher Jolly III

A Burial from Salt Petre Cave; by Gene Waters

A Stone Discoidal from Craighead County; by Sam Smith

Volume 14, No.2, 3 and 4, 1973 (60 pages)                                (photocopied)   $8.50                (pdf)     $5.00


Historical Background; by Hester A. Davis

Archeological Salvage on the Pyramidal Mound, August 19, 1968; by Dan F. Morris

Archeological Salvage During the Construction of Route 308; by Dan F. Morris and Sam Smith

Osteopathological Observations on Two Skeletons; by Dan Morse, M.D.

Volume 15, Whole Volume, 1974 (75 pages)                             (photocopied)   $10.75              (pdf)     $5.00

Preliminary Investigations at the Mill Creek Site, (3ST12); by Charles M. Baker

A Possible Nodena Phase Pottery Figurine; by Dan F. Morse

Investigations at Two Sites in Southeastern Arkansas; by Al B. Wesolowsky

A Zoomorphic Locust Stone Bead from Northeast Arkansas; by Dan F. Morse

A Unique Engraved Steatite Bowl from Southwest Arkansas; by Frank Schambach

Report on the 1974 Test Excavations at the Knappenberger Site, Mississippi County, Arkansas; by Timothy Klinger

Volume 16, 17 and 18, Whole Volumes, 1975, 1976 & 1977 (90 pages)              $5.00               (pdf)     $5.00

The Kinkead-Mainard Site, (3PU2): A Late Prehistoric Site near Little Rock, Arkansas; by Michael P. Hoffman

A Human Femur Tube from Arkansas; by Dan F. Morse

Parkin Archeology: A Report on the 1966 Field School Test Excavation at the Parkin Site; by Timothy C. Klinger

Grooved Rock Petroglyph Sites in West Virginia and the Sahara; By James L. Swauger and Mark Milburn

Paleo-Indian in the Arkansas Ozarks: A Preliminary Statement; by John P. Newton

An Exceptional Example of Carved Bone Technology from the Lower Mississippi Valley; by Timothy C. Klinger

Volume 19, Whole Volume, 1978 (49 pages)                                                     $5.00               (pdf)     $5.00

Ten Mile Rock: Pigs, Peccaries, and People; by Raymond E. Medlock

Turquoise Beads from the Standridge Site; by Ann M. Early

Davidsonville Bricks; by Samuel D. Smith

An Archeological Inventory of Pulaski and Saline Counties; by Hester A. Davis

Flat-based Shell-tempered Pottery in the Ozarks: A Preliminary Discussion; by John H. House

Volume 20, Whole Volume, 1979 (84 pages)                                                     $5.00               (pdf)     $5.00

The Kelley-Grimes Site: A Mississippi Period Burial Mound,Southeast Arkansas, Excavated in 1936:by Marvin D. Jeter, David B. Kelley, and George P. Kelley

Plant Remains from the Upper Nodena Site (3MS4); by Leonard W. Blake and Hugh C. Cutler

Lithic Technology and Stone Age Tool-Making; by Charles M. Niquette

Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from the Montgomery Farm, Barry County, Missouri; by Gayle Fritz

The World into Which Louis Leaky Led Us; by Frank Schambach

Volume 21, Whole Volume, 1980 (56 pages)                                                     $6.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Historic Tribes of the Ouachita Drainage System in Arkansas; by S. D. Dickinson

An Effigy Catlinite Pipe from Northwest Arkansas; by Michael P. Hoffman

An Assessment of the Arkansas Archeological Survey/Society Traning Program; by Ann M. Early and Judy Chapman

Grooved Rock Petroglyph Sites as Tool-Sharpening and Polishing Locations; by James L. Swauger and Mark Milburn

Volume 22, Whole Volume, 1981 (65 pages)                                                     $6.00                (pdf)     $5.00

A Shell Gorget from the Kirkham Site; by G. Meeks Etchieson

A Proverty Point Red Jasper Owl Pendant from Northwest Louisiana; by David Jeane

The Poole Site; by W. Raymond Wood

Volume 23 and 24, 1982 and 1983 (127 pages)                                                  $6.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Dr. Thomas L. Hodges and His Contribution to Arkansas Archeology;by Ann Early

Preliminary Testing at the Powell Site, (3CL9): A Temple Mound Site in Clark County, Arkansas; by James A. Scholtz

1964 Investigations in DeGray Reservoir; by Dee F. Green

The Meyers Mound: Salvage Excavations at a Caddo II Site in Southwest Arkansas; by John E. Miller III

Volume 25 and 26, 1984 and 1985 (113 pages)                          (photocopied)   $15.50              (pdf)     $5.00

The Gordon Site: A Middle Coles Creek to Late Mississippi Period Occupation in Ashley County, Southeast Arkansas; by Patsy K. White

Arkansas’s Spanish Halberds; by S. D. Dickinson

The Physical Setting of the Ouachita, Saline, and Little Missouri Rivers; by Roger T. Saucier

Citations, Abstracts, and Index for Society Publications (excluding Field Notes) from 1960-1987

Volume 27 and 28, 1986 and 1987 (97 pages)                                                     $6.00               (pdf)     $5.00

Archeology in the Outback: Site Surveying in Southern Logan County, Arkansas; by Larry Porter

The End of the Trail: The Route of Hernando De Soto’s Army through Southwest Arkansas and East Texas; by Frank F. Schambach

Quapaw Sites on the Lower Arkansas River; by Charles R. McGimsey III

Bioarcheology of the Parkin Site, Cross County, Arkansas; by Katherine Murray

Preliminary Survey: Pitkin Chert Artifacts in Southern Missouri; by Jack H. Ray

Report on Emergency Excavations of Two Features at 3NW539, Boxley Valley, Buffalo National River; by W. Fredrick Limp

An Engraved Stone Pipebowl from Arkansas; by Richard Michael Gramly

Volume 29, 1988 (99 pages)                                                                              $6.00                (pdf)     $5.00

Turner Cave: A Rock Shelter in Northwest Arkansas; by Louis Vogele

The McClendon Site: A Protohistoric Cemetery in Southeast Arkansas; by Henry S. McKelway

Volume 30, 1989 (69 pages)                                                                              $6.00                (pdf)     $5.00

A Relic Looks Back; by S.D. Dickinson

Investigations at the Roland Site; by James A. Scholtz

A Critique of Oklahoma Archeology; by Frank F. Schambach

Volume 31, 1990 (88 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Excavations of Mound S. at the Toltec Mounds Site: A Preliminary Report; by Martha Rolingson

Three Historic Sites on Red River; by Claude McCrocklin

Reysed After There Manner; by George E. Lankford

Chipped Stone Resource Availability and Exploitation at 3CR238; by Jack H. Ray

Volume 32, 1991 (156 pages)                                                                            $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Archeology along Bayou Bartholomew, Southeast Arkansas; by Martha Rolingson

Variations of Walls Engraved and Rhodes Incised Pottery; by Terry Childs

Decoding Mississippian Ceramic Art in the Central Mississippi Valley; by John House

Volume 33, 1992 (91 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Excavations at Boydell Mound A (3AS58), Southeast Arkansas; by John House and Marvin Jeter

Masters Theses Abstracts, Arkansas Archeology or Related Topics

Volume 34, 1993 (91 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Excavations at the Clay Hill and Kent Sites, Lee County, Arkansas; by John House

Investigations of Boone’s Mound (3CA9), Calhoun County, Arkansas; by Frank F. Schambach

DeSoto in Arkansas: Another Speculative Note; by George E. Lankford

A Confederate Armament Works in Arkadelphia (3CL283); by Don Ross

Volume 35, 1994 (122 pages)                                                                              $7.00              (pdf)     $6.00

The Contributions of the Plum Bayou Survey Project, 1988-94, to the Native Settlement History of Central Arkansas; by Michael S. Nassaney

Analysis of Plant Remains from Mound S at the Toltec Mounds Site; by Christopher Smith

Plant Remains from Locus 3 at the Parkin Site; by Michele L. Williams

Investigations of the Possible Remains of DeSoto’s Cross at Parkin; by Jeffrey M. Mitchem

Analysis of the Vertebrate Faunal Remains from 3LA185, a Late Eighteenth-Early Nineteenth Century Site of Possible Delaware Indian Affiliation; by Brian S. Shaffer and Timothy K. Perttula

The Ral Spring Site (3GA153): Spring Number 14, Hot Springs National Park; by Don Dickson

Volume 36, 1995 (97 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

The Benjamin House (3CL585); by Don Ross

Marine Shell Beads from the University of Arkansas Museum Bluff Shelter Excavations; by Jerry Hillliard and James Harcourt

Noble Lake: A Protohistoric Archeological Site on the Lower Arkansas River; by John House

Volume 37, 1996 (74 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Early Caddo Ritual and Patterns of Animal Use: An Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Crenshaw Site (3M16), Southwestern Arkansas; by Susan L. Scott and H. Edwin Jackson

Some Archeological Perspectives on the Arkansas Cherokee; by Leslie C. Stewart-Abernathy

The Hood Site, Hempstead County

Report on Test Excavations at the Hood Site (3HE54); by Roger Hooper and Jim Nance

Analysis of Burials from the Hood Site; by Mary Lucas Powell

The Hood Site in Arkansas Prehistory; by Frank F. Schambach

Volume 38, 1997 (104 pages)                                                                            $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

Excavations in the Shady Lake Recreation Area and Vicinity, 1992-1993, Ouachita National Forest; by Roger Coleman, Paul S. Gardner, Jerry Hilliard, Michael A. Pfeiffer, and Jack Stewart (edited by Hester Davis).

Surface Collections from the Friend Levee Site (3MS69) and the Friend Terrace Site (3MS70); by Keith Keeney, H. Terry Childs, and Charles H. NcNutt.

Subadult Health in a Northeastern Arkansas Middle Mississippian Site; by Diane E. Ghalib

Volume 39, 1998 (88 pages)                                                                               $7.00               (pdf)     $6.00

Late Mississippian and Protohistoric Occupation in the Little Red River Valley; by Glen Akridge and Scott Akridge

Replicas, Fakes, and Art: The Twentieth Century Stone Age and its Effects on Archaeology; by John C. Whittaker and Michael Stafford

Landleveling Salvage Archaeology at the Harryette Campbell Site in Southeast Missouri; by J. Raymond Williams

Tree-Ring Dating and Archeology of an Ozark Pioneer Period Farmstead: The McGarrah-Reed Site (3WA841); by Jerry E. Hilliard and Kerr J. Thomson

A Summary of the AP&L Project, 1977-1982: Archeological Survey Transects and Testing, Central to Northeast Arkansas; by Marvin Jeter

Volume 40, 1999 (92 pages)                                                                              $7.00                (pdf)     $6.00

The 1995 Salvage Excavations at the Armorel Site (3MS23); by Jeffrey M. Mitchem and Timothy S. Mulvihill

A Dog Burial Excavated at the Armorel Site, Arkansas (3MS23); by Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman

The Wilson Site of James K. Hampson; by H. Terry Childs and Charles H. McNutt with contributions by Pamela Jones and David H. Dye

Fouche Maline and Its Neighbors: Observations on an Important Woodland Period Culture of the Trans-Mississippi South; by Frank F. Schambach

The Tom’s Brook Site – 3JO1 [reprint]; by Charles S. Bartlett, Jr.

Volume 41, 2000 (72 pages)                                                                              $8.00                (pdf)     $7.00

Edwin Curtiss’ Archaeological Explorations Along the St. Francis River, Northeast Arkansas; by Robert C. Mainfort and Sarah R. Demb

Excavations at Spring Valley Road Shelter (3BE630), Benton County Arkansas; by Jerry Hilliard

Breckenridge Shelter – 3CR2: An Archeological Chronicle in the Beaver Reservoir Area [reprint]; by W. Raymond             Wood

Volume 42, 2000 (78 pages)                                                                               $8.00               (pdf)     $7.00

Exploring the History of the Arkansas Stoneware Industry; by Mary Evelyn Starr

Novaculite Acquisition and Use at Little Missouri Falls: An Early Middle Archaic Site, in Montgomery County, Arkansas; by Roger E. Coleman

Ferry Sites in Independence County; by Anna Parks

Volume 43, 2002 (73 pages)                                                                             $8.00                (pdf)     $7.00

The Peel Icehouse: Excavations of a Residential Ice Storage Facility in Bentonville, Arkansas; by Jerry Hilliard,             Jamie Brandon, James Davidson

A Research Design of Investigating Novaculite Quarry Sites in the Ouachita Mountains, by Mary Beth Trubitt, Thomas Green, and Ann Early

Dating the Hazel Site, by Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. and Charles H. McNutt

A Ceramic Replica of an Astragalus Die, by Rita Fisher-Carroll and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.

Volume 44, 2003 (64 pages)                                                                              $8.00                (pdf)     $7.00

Neutron Activation Analysis of Late Mississippian Period Pottery from the Greenbrier Site (3IN1), Independence County, Arkansas; by Juliet E. Morrow, Robert A. Taylor, Robert J. Speakman, and Michael D. Glascock
Architecture at Upper Nodena: Structures Excavated by Dr. James K. Hampson; by Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.
Archeological and Geophysical Investigations at the Tinsley 1 Site, Mississippi County, Arkansas; by Claudine Payne and J.J. Lockhart

Volume 45, 2004 (66 pages)                                                                              $8.00                (pdf)     $7.00
Some Southwestern Influences in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex; by George E. Lankford
Baby Cradles of the Ozark Bluff Shelters; by S. C. Dellinger
Obstetric Effigies of the Mound Builders of Eastern Arkansas; by S. C. Dellinger and Elmer G. Wakefield
            Pottery from the Ozark Bluff Shelters. By S. C. Dellinger and S. D. Dickinson

Volume 46, 2005 (40 pages)                                                                              $8.00                (pdf)     $7.00

            The Sorter’s Bluff Point: An Uncommon Point Type Recovered from the Copperhead Site in Northwest Arkansas;             by William G. Hill and J. Eric Gilliland

Vertebrate Faunal Identifications from Carden Bottom (3YE347), Arkansas; by Rhonda L. Smith

Identification of Vermilion in Colonial Era Indian Graves at the Lake Drumond Site, Arkansas County, Arkansas; by John House and D. Glen Akridge

            Possibilities for the Archaeologist and Historian in Eastern Arkansas [Reprint]; by Dr. and Mrs. T. L. Hodges

Errata “Some Southwestern Influences in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex; by George E. Lankford

Volume 47, 2006 & 2007 (96 pages)                                                                   $12.75              (pdf)     $7.00

Foreward: State Parks, the Archeological Survey, and the Toltec Agreement; by Richard Davies and Greg Butts

Delta Dawn: an Ethnographic Account of Martha’s Early Work in the Delta; by Janet Ford

The Toltec Mounds Site in Southeastern Prehistory: Inferences from Early Collections; by David G. Anderson

Plum Bayou Foodways: Distinctive Aspects of the Paleoethnobotanical Record; by Gayle J. Fritz

Keo, Quartz Crystals, Carets, Et Cetera: Southerly Plum Bayou vs. Northerly Coles Creek Cultural Elements; by             Marvin D. Jeter and Robert J. Scott, Jr.

Commentary: The Life, Legacy, and Love of Martha Rolingson; by Nancy White

Volume 48, 2008 (84 pages)                                                                              $12.75              (pdf)     $7.00

            The Caddo Ceramics From the Dragover Site (3MN298) on the Ouachita River on the Ouachita National Forest             Land in Montgomery County, Arkansas; by Timothy K. Perttula

Chickasawba; by Terry H. Childs and Charles H. McNutt

The 2005 Excavations at Pecan Point (3MS78) and Comments on the Chronology of Walls Engraved; by Charles             H. McNutt and Terry H. Childs

Communication: Investigating Middle Archaic at the Jones Mill Site; by Mary Beth Trubitt

Volume 49, 2009 (42 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

Summer 1948: A Summary of Excavations at Battle Mound (3LA1), A Premier Caddo Mound Site in the Great             Bend Region of the Red River; by Duncan McKinnon

New Approaches to Old Collections: Identifying Stylistic Variations Among Caddo Pottery in Southeastern             Oklahoma; by Elsbeth Dowd

            A Primary Investigation of Burial Associations from Akers (34LF32) A Shallow Fouche Maline Site in             Southeastern Oklahoma; by Rachel Fauchier

Volume 50, 2010 (68 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

A Prescient 1880 Study of “The Mound-Builders of Arkansas”; by Donald P. Higgins, Jr. and Marvin D. Jeter

The Musicians of Spiro: An Inventory of Sound Making Instruments Depicted in the Spiro Shell Engravings; by             James A. Rees, Jr.

Weeding out the Noded; by George E. Lankford

Volume 51, 2011 (41 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

            Old Town Ridge (3CG41): A Palisaded Middle Mississippi Period Village in the Land of Milk and Honey; by Julie             Morrow, Robert A. Taylor, Jami Lockhart, and Shaun McGaha

Stateline Faults: Making a Case for Standardized Terminology in the Lithic Studies from an Ozarks-Wide             Perspective; by Jack H. Ray

Volume 52, 2012 and 2013 (208 pages)                                                              $14.00              (pdf)     $10.00

Crenshaw: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of the Skull and Mandible Cemetery

            Introduction to the Crenshaw Bioanthropological Project; by Frank F. Schambach

AMS and Radiocarbon Dating of the Crenshaw Site (3MI6); by John R. Samuelsen

Stable Isotope Characteristics of the Skull and Mandible Remains From the Crenshaw Site, Miller County,             Arkansas; by D. Glen Akridge

Crenshaw (3MI6) Bioarcheology Notes: Provenience Descriptions; by Melissa Zabecki Harvey

Crenshaw (3MI6) Bioarcheology Notes: Burial Descriptions; by Melissa Zabecki Harvey, Barbara Farley, and             Jerome C. Rose

Volume 53, 2014 (68 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

Three Hundred Pictographs: Dr. Hardison and a Century of Petit Jean Mountain Rock Art Discovery; by Donald P.         Higgins, Jr.

Conehead Effigies: A Distinctive Art Form of the Mississippi Valley; by George E. Lankford and David H. Dye

Following the Noded Trail; George E. Lankford

Volume 54, 2015 (42 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)      $10.00

Charles and Katherine Figley’s Legacy to Arkansas Archeology; by Jerry Hilliard.

The Charles Bartlett Donation from the Tom’s Brook Shelter (3J01); by Jerry Hilliard.

Communication: The Morgan Cache: A Middle Woodland Deposit in Benton County, Arkansas; by Jack H. Ray.

Volume 55, 2016 (84 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)      $10.00

Historical and Contemporary Environmental Context for the Saline-Fifteen Site (3BR119); by Don C. Bragg and             Hope A. Bragg

Mississippi Period and Later Native American Structures in Eastern Arkansas; by John H. House

Communication: Recent Excavations at Chickasawba (3MS5): Luminescence and Radiocarbon Dates; by H.             Terry Childs, Charles H. McNutt, and James K. Feathers

Communication: An Engraved Catlinite Disc Pipe Fragment from Chickasawba; by H. Terry Childs

Volume 56, 2017 (66 pages)                                                                              $12.50              (pdf)      $10.00

Chipped-Stone Artifacts in the Gregoire Collections from Rattlesnake Basket Rockshelter (3NW79) in Newton             County, Arkansas; by Jack H. Ray

The Excavations of ca. A.D. 1600 Household Trash at the McClure Site (3Ye347), Carden Bottoms Arkansas:             Protohistoric Community Planning and the 2009 Arkansas Archeological Society Training Program; by Jerry Hilliard

Volume 57, 2018 & 2019 (51 pages)                                                  $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

Uncovering a pit at Caddo Hills (3MN22); by Chelsea Cinotto

A Stylistic Analysis of Poverty Point Objects from the Lake Enterprise Mound Site, Southeast Arkansas; by Phyllis M. Lear and Marvin D. Jeter

Commentary: John Hansard House: An Extraordinary Career; by Marilyn Knapp, George Sabo III, and Melissa Zabecki

Volume 58, 2020  (68 pages)                                                  $12.50              (pdf)     $10.00

A Practical Mound Explorer: C. W. Riggs and the Beginnings of Southeastern Archeology; by Mary L. Kwas

Communication: Ceramic Vessels from Eastern Arkansas in the Joint Educational Consortium’s Hodges Collection; by Mary Beth Trubitt and John H. House

Volume 59, 2021 & 2022 (67 pages)                                      $12.50              (pdf)    $10.00

Frank Ferdinand Schambach (1937-2021): A Celebration of his Life and Archeological Contributions; assembled by Marvin D. Jeter

Results of the Tillar Archeological Project, Southeast Arkansas; by Robert J. Scott