The Arkansas Archeological Society began awarding grants for archeological research in 1989. These grants, which derive from the Archeological Research Fund (ARF), are awarded for research connected with projects in which the Society has taken part.

Requests for grants should be sent by email to with the following information provided:

A Statement of Purpose Includes:

1) the research goals;
2) why the applicant is asking ARF, rather than some other provider, for assistance;
3) explains how the research will advance the body of archeological information in Arkansas.

Involvement of the Arkansas Archeological Society

The grant must be related to a project in which the Society has been involved or Society members have made a significant contribution.


Detailed breakdown of how the requested funds will be used.


How long will the research take and when will the project be completed? If grant monies are not used by September of the following year the committee will request that a new proposal for funding be submitted.

Publishing the Results

The applicant must explain how and/or where the results of the research will be published. The committee also requests a short summary of the recipient’s report be made available for the September/October issue of Field Notes the year after a grant is received.

Review of Applications

Grants should be submitted by August 30th. The ARF Committee will meet to review the applications and will recommend grant awards at the Executive Committee meeting held during the Society’s Annual Meeting. Announcements of the awards will be made during the Annual Meeting.