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The Training Program in Archeology is a research project where individuals interested in archeology can gain experience in all phases of archeological excavation, site survey, and laboratory processing under professional supervision. This program began in 1964 as an annual activity of the Arkansas Archeological Society under the direction of archeologists at the University of Arkansas Museum. Since 1967 the program has been under the supervision of the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s archeologists.

Field sessions are scheduled by the Survey to coordinate with research and other obligations of the professional staff. The sessions last two weeks each summer and are held at various sites in order to carry out research throughout Arkansas and to provide Society members with varied archeological experiences.

Society members may participate for as long as they wish during the field program but are required to attend an orientation lecture before beginning any work. Evening lectures on a variety of topics are also provided during the session.

All participants in the Training Program must be members of the Arkansas Archeological Society. Membership dues must be paid for each member of the family attending. The registration fee each year may vary based on the location of the training program and on the duration of stay for each person. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a registered participant at all times.

All objects and information resulting from the field work will be curated by the Arkansas Archeological Survey for the benefit of the people of Arkansas.